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As a nonprofit performing arts organization, ticket sales account for less than 50% of our total operating budget. We depend on the generosity of people like you to help make up the difference, allowing us to keep our ticket prices affordable for everyone. Your recurring donation will help cover the costs of rehearsal spaces, costumes, sets, and more. In addition, your contribution enables us to continue our educational outreach programs which provide arts education to more than 15,000 students annually.

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Matching Pointe Shoe Campaign

Our Pointe Shoe Campaign has the privilege of having Lexington Orthopaedics, a member of the Lexington Medical Center Network of Care, as our matching sponsor. We are pleased to announce that all donations to our campaign will be matched dollar for dollar by Lexington Orthopaedics. This partnership aims to provide our dancers with a necessary supply of pointe shoes to maintain healthy feet.

$85 – one paire of pointe shoes, $170 – two pairs of pointe shoes, $340 – four pairs of pointe shoes, $375 – soloist’s shoes for one production. $425 – principal dancers shoes for one production, $1,100 – company member’s shoes for one season, $1350 – soloist’s shoes for one season, $6,500 – all dancers shoes for one production.

* Donations $100 dollars or more will be acknowledged in our dance bill for the season. 

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