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Elvis Ballet

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Elvis Ballet


This spectacular multimedia production will captivate audiences with its dynamic choreography, stunning visuals, and the timeless hits of the King of Rock 'n' Roll

South Carolina Ballet presents the world premiere of William Starrett’s "Elvis Ballet." Celebrating the musical legacy that is Elvis Presley, and bringing 30 of his greatest hits to life through dance, this multimedia event features works by 10 choreographers. Our Koger Center performance will feature live music by Chris Reed under the direction of Mark Rapp. This mixed repertoire production promises to take audiences on a remarkable journey through the career of the iconic superstar. The ballet will feature seamless transitions between ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance styles, and successfully blend the grace and elegance of classical ballet with the energy and charisma of Presley's music. South Carolina Ballet’s Artistic Director, William Starrett choreographed the majority of the ballet, collaborating with other choreographers for the balance of the production.   Koger Center Performances: An electrifying live musical score performed live by Chris Reed, directed by Mark Rapp, including some of Elvis's greatest hits, such as "Jailhouse Rock," "Heartbreak Hotel," "Love Me Tender," and "Suspicious Minds," among others, will delight any Elvis fan! The music, combined with innovative choreography, aims to capture the essence of Elvis's wildly popular live performances, and showcase his enduring influence on popular culture. Live music by Rodney Foster & Company with… Rodney Foster: Bass, Bandleader, Chris Reed: Vocals/Guitar, Brandon Stevens: Vocals, Evans McGill: Guitar, TJ McKie: Keys, Jarius Rich: Drums, Mark Rapp: MD, Trumpet.
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Koger Center For The Arts
Columbia, SC
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